you are always enough

You are always enough


whoever told you you were not enough?

You are always enough.

You are the only one who smiles that way.

You’re the only one who looks out from those eyes

you’re the only one who sees the world that you see


whoever told you you were not enough?

It was probably someone who was told they were not enough


your world is completely full of you at all times

and you are completely full of your world at all times

no more, no less, completely full, just enough


no one else walks in your shoes

no one else speaks in your voice

no one else dresses like you or shaped like you

the universe asked you to be here

and continues to

you are always loved

and the gift of life you possess is proof of that


you are always enough

so is everyone else

in every way

no one is or can be more or less what or who they are


we are constantly created by everything that is,

everything that was,

and we are impelled toward everything that will be


we are always in coexistence with everything that is

everything that is is always in perfect balance

so, coexisting with everything that is,

we are always in perfect balance

everyone is always in perfect balance,

no matter what that may look like

we represent the universe in a unique, unprecedented and unrepeatable form

everything we are assigned to experience,

we are experiencing in a unique way FOR the entire universe

everything we experience for the universe is of equal value

to everything anyone else experiences for the universe

it is all part of the whole

and no one’s experience without anyone else’s would be complete

it is always perfect and always enough


you are always enough

you are just the right amount of everything you are and everything you are not

what you are, no one else is and nothing else can be

what you do is yours alone to do


your perception of “enough” or “not enough”

is simply a judgment created in your mind

outside of your mind, it does not exists

the universe does not create things that are “not enough”

the universe just creates

and everything the universe creates is always enough

not more

not less

just enough


©2011 chris spheeris