This is a shorter version from a longer video, “We Create What We Focus On”. Focus is the primary vehicle for the formulation of our reality.

This is an excerpt from a Chris Spheeris workshop on creativity and consciousness. Every moment is our creation, and whether we realize it or not, whatever we focus on becomes a component of the creation of our reality. And in this, we learn to value the responsibility of what we allow into our consciousness.

as the piece says, “we are all connected”…music, text and narration by chris spheeris/images by scott stulberg…PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO MESSAGE IF YOU FEEL SO MOVED…thank you to download the music, hear or read more of Chris Spheeris, see: for more images by Scott Stulberg, see: asa100.

An excerpt from Chris’ creativity workshop. Website: Workshop Information: Like Chris on Facebook:… Subscribe to Chris’ YouTube channel:… A little insight into the worksh