to nowhere

I want to slide with you

like two salamanders

slipping in a muddy pool

to feel cool water

on your warm skin

to dive in

and discover the primal pulse

within the heart

of nowhere

I want to ride

the rhythm of our ways

together through our dawning days


in constant surprise

to meet in full flame of the sun

to run

to the horizon

to welcome with you the mysterious moon

rising to meet us

none too soon

when the light falls short

and the night brings a time for longing

when my song calls out to the dark

and your voice sings

back to me

and our words on wings

like solitary birds in flight

meet and unite

under the sacred spell of silence

and a canopy of stars

over nowhere

with you

I want to fall

into the dark unknown

to spark and ignite

like twin meteorites

spinning deep into the embrace

of unearthly atmospheres

dizzy and breathless

on the edge of fear

open-armed and poised

to penetrate the sea

and greet our destiny

with noiseless entry

into nowhere

in the face of you

I no longer choose

I lose commandment of my will

and feel the force of grace

gently overtake me

and so absolved of my volition

saturated in a new-found faith

like an angel

I assume forever

the position of prayer

and kneel with you

at the gates of nowhere

and so my life becomes a prayer

and so my prayer becomes a life

a living prayer

and a life emerging

in every moment

out of nowhere


©2006 chris spheeris