Healers come in many forms

in fact, healers come in ALL forms

from the perspective of awareness,

EVERYTHING is healing

from the perspective of awareness,

life is CONTINUALLY healing ITSELF

and from the perspective of awareness,

everything is ALREADY healed

because nothing is ever wrong




rights and wrongs are creations of the mind

nature doesn’t create “wrong”

nature just creates

and everything that is, just is

sickness, disease, injury, violence, destruction

are neither wrong nor are they right

they just are

the burden of judgment is a dis-ease of the mind

the burden of judgment is neither “right” nor is it “wrong”

it is simply life experiencing itself in one of its infinite ways

all of existence

is motivated by one directive:

to BE

to experience itself

is infinitely varied ways

everything WE experience

is simply life expressing itself THROUGH us

every moment that we exist is an infinite gift

every moment that we exist is sacred

every moment that we are aware that we exist

is life recognizing its own sacredness

every moment of awareness is an act of gratitude

everything that we experience

is constantly moving us into more and more awareness

every moment that we exist is constantly healing us

no matter what that may look like through the filter of our judgment

what is awareness?

Awareness is presence

what is presence?

Presence is the symphony of existence

improvising its own orchestration in every moment

presence is all of existence playing in perfect harmony

in every moment

presence is THE perfect harmony

which when heard without judgment

is experienced as silence

this silence is flawless

nothing to change

nothing to fix

nothing to heal

just as all colors when combined in perfect balance yield white

all of existence in perfect balance at all times yields silence

this silence, when experienced even for a moment,

dispels the illusion that anything could possibly be wrong

or in need of healing

existence is always reconciled

existence, like silence, is always immaculate

awareness, presence, silence…




and in all ways


©2012 chris spheeris