CS-LAUGHING1-150x150CHRIS SPHEERIS- RECORDING ARTIST/PHOTOGRAPHER/WRITER/FACILITATOR That’s me. I have had a wonderful dream career in the music business for decades. Through this, I have sampled fame, wealth, and success. Far more rewarding than any of these is the inspiration I feel on a daily basis: the wonder and amazement, the joy and amusement, the fun and adventure of being alive. I have been told that i possess a gift of inspiring people with my work and the energy that i carry. It’s a gift available to all of us and the nature of this gift is that it’s contagious and meant to be shared. I now am on fire with a passion for sharing this gift. That’s what these workshops are all about. Since the first 5-day in sedona in May of 2011, i am experiencing significant acceleration in my own creativity, manifestation, peace of mind, confidence, and means of imparting information on all of this.


 “YOU ARE THE MIRACLE: Dignity and Empowerment in Anonymous Times”” Workshops – Russia- July 16-31 

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Life is the Art Form


Everything You Need Is Within You

Moving from the Head to the Heart


Inspiration and Creativity

We Are Loved Into Being

Free Will

What We're Meant to be

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“Life is the Artform”

 workshop on living an inspired life

Boulder, CO

Saturday, February 27 2016  1-5pm

Unity of Boulder

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 _____________Recent Past workshops _____________

– November 21- St Thomas- US Virgin Islands- “INSPIRATION- You are the Infinite Source” 1-5pm

– November 22- St John- US Virgin Islands- “INSPIRATION- You are the Infinite Source” 1-5pm

“Tapping the Infinite Well” all-day workshop

Saturday September 26th, 10am-6pm

Sedona Creative Life Center- Sedona, Arizona

“Tapping the Infinite Well” workshop

Saturday July 18th, 1pm-5pm

North Scottsdale (a spacious private residence)

“Tapping the Infinite Well” workshop

Sunday June 14th, 2pm-5:30pm


575 Haiku Road Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

“Tapping the Infinite Well” workshop

Saturday May 9th, 1pm-4:30pm


3305 124th Street Brookfield, Wisconsin

These are fun and sometimes intense compact workshops filled with lecture, exploration, and opportunities to open the channel of expression. Themes of every Chris Spheeris workshop include: Who are we? With what do we identify ourselves? How do we negotiate the dance between the ego and the Spirit? What is the nature and characteristics of inspiration and creativity? How can we forgive and clear resentments, guilt, shame and blame to raise our levels of clarity, compassion and energy in order to become more present, more creative and more loving?

I have been blessed with the gift of inspiring people and this is where my passion lies. My deepest intention is to share with YOU and impart to YOU what i have learned, what i have un-learned, and what i have healed in order to reach a place where i love my life, create in joy constantly, feel more open-hearted and abundant than ever and am no longer in conflict with myself. More and more every day i feel the presence of Grace in my life. This is available to all of us. In fact, it is our natural state.

The work is a constantly evolving series of events all geared toward assisting participants in clearing the conduit through which flows:

– inspiration

– creativity

– true identity

– instinct

– vitality

– purpose

Though the purpose of the work is common to many spiritual (humanizing) practices, the approach is unique. The work involves

– a reorientation of “who we are” and where our true inspirations, thoughts and motivations come from.

– opportunities and exercises in forgiveness and letting go of aspects of the past that no longer serve us

– opportunities to tap into our “flow” and experience what the inspired state of true “presence” feels like.

There are no beginning, intermediate and advanced seminars. Each seminar is customized and co-created by the collective and individual aspirations of the participants.

I evoke people in a unique way in my workshops. I combine a sharing of insight, creative, physical and emotional exercises, with performances of my original inspirational spoken word meditations and poems- all geared to reinforce our endless expansive identity and state of presence. I have been a creative channel all of my life. I create every day and have not experienced creative blocks in as long as i can remember. I have also, somewhat recently, reached an unprecedented state of humility, gratitude and amazement that i had always longed for. This is what i want to share with you!! It’s available to all of us!

What I ask of each participant is that you are willing to trust- trust me, trust yourself, trust the group, trust the process, and for God’s sake, trust the Universe. And i also ask that you are willing to allow- allow the unrehearsed, allow the unexpected, allow your innocence. If you are willing, you will walk out the door in which you entered forever changed. Guaranteed!

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“Living By Heart” Is an
Inspiring Work(shop) of Art

A workshop review and description by Larry J Rosenberg, Ph.D.
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-“The level of participation and the permission given to just be was significantly impactful. Life-changing. Image-altering. Coming home to the presence of “self”. There is no one that would not grow spiritually and emotionally from this work. Chris is an exceptional teacher/facilitator. He mirrors back to you and your true self on how to find and appreciate yourself and others. There is a total experience of being one with everything. Anyone doing this seminar will have a transformed experience of themselves and life. A totally safe space.”

-“this workshop was exactly what I needed. We explored very deep emotional territory and yet I feel much lighter now. Chris is direct, compassionate, honest, funny and so creative. He’s taking it to a new level.”

-“It was added “ha ha!” Moment I just get it. It is closure and confirmation for everything I have been uncovering in my path.”

-“There is nothing here for you to obtain, but there is so much, much more than you could ever expect. You cannot take this with you. It becomes you and you become it.

-“Out of this world-literally! I was taken on a ride so deep inside of myself that words cannot sufficiently express. Such unfailing and unflinching honesty from Chris and from every member of the group. I felt held in deep reverence and respect while every fiber of my being was exquisitely rewired. Thank you with all my heart.”

-“An amazing experience I just can’t explain, but will never forget. Safety of soul, honesty of heart, sharing of emotion and truth, discovering a magical place inside, an unforgettable moment in time.”

-“You are love. You are inspiration. You are life. I want to be here forever.”

The best week of my life! This 5-day workshop changed so many of my life patterns. I have taken MANY seminars/workshops but none have gone so deep and added so much to my world!”

“I have been listening to your music and creativity cds every day as I’ve been using all of my free time to create music of my own! As I’ve mentioned before, that workshop set me on a compositional fire that I don’t believe will ever go out.”

“Your love, wisdom, compassion and teaching me/us the ways of inspiration and life as a whole, has strengthened me, as it has the the rest.”

“My heart has been cracked wide open. A life altering five days for me. I feel as if my 5 senses have been reborn and my eyes have been cleaned to see the brilliance even more clearly.”

“An ‘E-Ride’ at Disneyland to say the least. Exhilarating, fun, festive and adventurous. I should have been doing all my life what I learned, absorbed and am digesting from this week.”

“Expansive, insightful, inspirational and more! Beyond -beyond! It felt like a safety net for expression, releasing, being engaged in the moment, and immersed in various art forms- with fun hands-on opportunities! It was real, honest, a caring, warm, and loving space to be involved in and a part of!”

“In my wildest imagination, I could not ever have imagined the profound effect I am still feeling. It isn’t anything I’ve ever felt before. I suddenly feel like my Heart has been cracked WIDE open allowing more Life and LOVE and Beauty in than I’ve ever experienced before.”

“This was pure LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!