“Living by Heart” Is an Inspiring Work(shop) of Art

A Review by Larry J. Rosenberg, Ph.D.,

President, Communication Miracles Consulting, Sedona, AZ

Chris Spheeris’ Living by Heart workshop offers rich opportunities to delight, inspire and expand a participant’s self-awareness, unique worldview, and moment-to-moment living experience. Over the four days of the workshop, I saw signs of this happening to my fellow participants and, happy to say, to me. There we were, experiencing Chris’ sharing of the practical wisdom that has dramatically enhanced his life, and gradually realizing our own healing, liberation and creativity.

Living by Heart is a tour-de-force experience for awakening and growing – from existing small to living big, from past-based thinking to present-moment feeling, from following the rules to being inspired and creative, and from living old habits to creating new adventures.

The workshop that I experienced was held April 18-24, 2013. I have waited a few months to write this review in order to see if there have been any lasting effects on my life. I am now pleased to report that experiencing this laser-focused, fun-filled workshop has sharpened my awareness, multiplied my insights, and expanded my spirit.

I have noticed of late, at certain sensitive moments, when facing challenges and opportunities, my responses have been more immediate and more confident. One recent occasion was at my 70th birthday party: I chose to sing a concert from my heart for my 40 guests. For me, it was a bold stroke toward healing the wounded boy singer inside of me. Another time, I outlined a self-help book that I want to share with the world, and know down deep that I am eager and capable of finishing it.

The magic and effectiveness of Living by Heart is based first on the array of powerful personal-growth topics that Chris has selected. Some of the topics include: “authoring your unique universe”, “letting go of your personal story”, “moving from linear to quantum living”, “shifting your identity markers”, “being fully present in the moment”, “feeling inspired and passionate”, “optimizing your physical energy”, “releasing self-judgment and judgement of others”, “expressing gratitude, forgiving others and oneself”, “letting life live through you”, “listening to your heart and you inner voice”. These topics indeed provide the building blocks of an inspired, creative and loving life, generating empowerment, enthusiasm, confidence, purpose, joy and peace.

Second, there is Chris’ Living by Heart design of diverse and deep-involvement activities. They consist of his bringing the topics to life, telling vivid stories, making insight-producing lists, doing fun art, dancing expressively, feeling the music, tuning into Nature, visualizing our potential, reframing the mind, and sharing deeply with fellow participants. From enchanting to profound, these exercises help take in and integrate the workshop’s life-altering topics by activating and strengthening different parts of our body-mind-soul system.

The heart of the Living by Heart experience is the presence and passion of Chris on the stage sharing his life learnings, reflecting on provocative questions, and walking the talk of inspiration, creativity and transformation. Here is a man in his 50s, who for most of his career was a composer and performer of uplifting music, and who has evolved in the past decade into a combination of sage, philosopher, poet, mentor and muse. He is ably assisted by his partner, Veronique Barre, in making this workshop the full and effective experience that it is.

Chris has spent most of his life exploring the Human dynamic, tapping deeply into the Source, in order to create a life of service and support of human potential and the awakening of sovereign beings. While he openly rejects the label of “teacher” or “guru”, he clearly has emerged as a role model for the Divinely inspired, constantly creative, truly authentic, organically wise and adept facilitator. Yet, he comes across as a dear friend or brother, supporting us to believe in ourselves with clarity and confidence, to stay focused and live from the heart, and to achieve the state of dynamic being-ness that he shares so generously with us.

Throughout my extensive career, I have led hundreds of business-related trainings for managers and students, and I have experienced too-many-to-count workshops in personal growth. It is my conclusion that Chris’ Living by Heart is one of the most accessible, stimulating, profound and joyful workshops in which I have ever found myself.

If you want to defy the limits of your past programming, get lost in order to find and recreate yourself, find peace with the unanswerable questions of human life, live from the essence of your soul, connect with a community of like-hearted people, live the most wonder-full life you can imagine, balance your female and male energies, and genuinely enjoy it all along the way, I suggest you look at your most-daring life goals and into how Chris’ magical Living by Heart workshop can give you a more valuable and fulfilling life.