Eric Zang                                                              Paul Voudouris

Concert with Paul Voudouris & Eric Zang

Saturday July 9, 7:30pm 

Sedona Creative Life Center

333 Schnebly Hill Road Sedona, AZ

On Saturday July 9, at 7:30pm at the Sedona Creative Life Center, Chris Spheeris will offer a very special concert. He will be joined by long-time collaborator and former Sedona resident Paul Voudouris. And with them will be Chris’ bandmate, multi-instrumentalist and “sometimes Sedona resident” Eric Zang. They will be blending styles of New Age, POP, and Ethnic music. This concert will provide a rare opportunity to hear these three musicians play together in Sedona. Just days following the concert, they will be embarking on a multi-city tour of Russia. Also, this will be the last chance to catch Chris in concert as a Sedona resident. After almost 30 years here, he will be relocating to Spain at the close of Summer. Though Chris will return to perform in the area on occasion, he considers this his “Farewell Gratitude Concert”. 

Chris and Paul began their careers in music together as a singing/songwriting duo, “Spheeris & Voudouris” in the mid 70’s. For six years, they performed all original music in clubs, universities and colleges, theaters, and twice with the Milwaukee Symphony orchestra. Through the years, they collaborated on numerous recordings including the cd “Enchantment”, a Platinum-Award winning New Age hit in the 90’s. Paul has since released several vocal recordings and Chris has concentrated on live performances, soundtracks and workshops.

The evening will feature primarily the instrumental and vocal music of Chris along with several of Paul’s originals. Chris will play piano and guitar, Paul piano and keyboard, and Eric will provide percussion, Middle-Eastern lute and flute. All three will sing.

Tickets will be $20 the night of the concert and available at the door. Advance tickets for non-Sedona residents can be reserved by calling the Sedona Creative Life Center at 928-282-9300.