I am very honored and excited to have been invited to tour several cities in Russia, to share my workshops, and to perform with my dear brothers and collaborators Paul Voudouris and Eric Zang.

The workshops are titled, “YOU ARE THE MIRACLE: Dignity and Empowerment is Anonymous Times”. Quite simply, they are 2-day immersions into who we are as humans, as Divine creations, as endlessly creative beings granted the supreme gift of existence. The workshops will include insights and exercises which provide opportunities to see and experience our “selves” in dynamic, expanded and liberated ways. In a world culture that progressively programs us into homogeneity and insignificance, true dignity lies in knowing our value, and in that, knowing the value of all others.


The concerts will feature my music and several pieces composed by and with my longtime collaborator Paul Voudouris. Paul and i will sing and play piano, guitar and keyboards. We will be joined by another dear friend of mine, Eric Zang, who will also sing and play percussion, oud and ney. Our goal is to convey a sense of heart and spirit and to share the love we have for each other with our audiences in a language that needs no translation.









Paul Voudouris                                      Eric Zang    

For those in Russia or for those who speak Russian, please go to for more information.