Upcoming Performances:

“Facets of Love”- San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Thursday April 17th  dining 7pm • concert 8pm

Chris Spheeris in a concert celebrating Love

VC & Friends

Hernandez Macias 83, Centro San Miguel de Allende

reservations 415•114•0869


“Finding the Gift in Shift” concert with Martha & Gregg Braden

Saturday April 26th 7pm

Sedona Creative Life Center

for tickets: www.StellarProductionsLive.com or call 928•451•4670 or 602•799•1617


“Facets of Love”- Madison, Wisconsin

Friday May 9th  7:30pm

Chris Spheeris in a concert celebrating Love

Unity of Madison

601 Tompkins Dr, Madison, WI

general admission $25, under 18 $15 tickets will be sold at the door


“Facets of Love”- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Saturday May 10th  7:30pm

Chris Spheeris in a concert celebrating Love

Infinity Healing Center

3305 N. 124th Street, Milwaukee, WI

general admission $25 tickets will be sold at the door

limited seating, please reserve in advance : 262•783•0800

“Facets of Love”- Phoenix, AZ

Saturday March 15th  7pm

Chris Spheeris in a concert celebrating Love

New Vision center for Spiritual living

18010 Tatum Blvd. Phoenix AZ

tickets: (602) 787-8888



“Facets of Love”- Valley Village, Los Angeles

Friday March 28    7:30pm

Chris Spheeris in an intimate house concert celebrating Love

Private residence- address available with ticket purchase

to reserve and purchase tickets, email: chayrisB@gmail.com



“Facets of Love”

Chris Spheeris in a concert celebrating Love

Thursday February 27  7pm

Awakenings Center for Conscious Living

25260 la Paz Rd. Suite D Laguna Hills, CA

tickets: (949) 457-0797



what people have said about Chris in concert:

“Chris’s openness and vulnerability create an intimate evening of music, song, poetry, and storytelling. His wonderful artistic talents merge seamlessly as he interweaves them with his universal spiritual message. Spellbinding, affirming, touching, and present, Chris’s artistic wizardry aligns his audience to a positive relationship with self and others. A truly joy-filled and magical evening.”

“Oneness is the message that Chris Spheeris shares with his audience. In an honest, loving way he guides us through his spiritual awakening by way of his exquisitely inspiring music and humorous, poignant and delightfully irreverent storytelling. Chris dares remove his mask and invites us to do the same for what seems more like a group meditation than a concert. A wonderful experience!”

“That was an amazing performance. I cried the whole time you performed solo.”

“Simply….Thank you, and your musicians, for last night’s incredible journey. Your music transported me from the “everyday” into a place inside myself that I didn’t know existed.

Your music brought me to tears a few times! I go to concerts *all* *the* *time* and yours was probably one of the best ones I’ve ever seen!”

“I LOVED your concert last night. I was definitely transported to another relm. As far as I am concerned it was the best Christmas present ever.”

“It was a privilege to be with the four of you and watch and feel the music and the love flow from you. I have never enjoyed a concert as much in my life. I think that the whole world needs to hear and see and experience what you performed last night.”

“At times I felt like I was transported to another place. I loved your interaction with one another and the gestures, smiles, and connection that you all have is just pure Love and Admiration.”

“It was an evening of pure exhilaration and joy mixed with so much love. We are still feeling the “HIGH” vibration from your music. It is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

“WOW!!!! “AWE-some” performance in Sedona. Assuasive yet provocative…a renewed sense of the Muse, to dance and to be inspired once again, when I had forgotten.”