Chris Spheeris’ Piano for Sale

Yamaha S-400B 6’3″ Grand Piano (handmade series)

Serial #: 4110219
Year: 1985

Located in Sedona, AZ

Gentle private studio use by professional recording artist Chris Spheeris.

Always kept in proper maintenance, current piano technician Henry Miller.

Includes Player/Recorder System:

  • QRS Pianomation version 1.3 – player piano system.
  • Gulbransen KS1 – MIDI Out interface.
  • Viscount RD-70 – MIDI recorder & player.

Statements from Piano Technician Henry Miller

(See the video of Mr. Miller’s statements here:
  • Overall: Very good condition.
  • Cabinet & Finish: Very nice. Black Polyester [high gloss].
  • Action: plays very well, “a little activity” as expected from an ’85 piano, but is negligible.
  • Hammers: Minimal grooves. Tops of hammers have been polished, filed, voiced, ironed – crisp sound.
  • Strings: good condition.
  • Tuners: tuned up nicely.
  • Player/recorder/midi mechanism: no affect on playability.
  • Pedals: good [center pedal is disengaged].
  • Soundboard: good condition.
  • Dampers: work very well.
  • Bridges: good condition, down bearing is very nice.

There are only two exceptions to note: the center pedal is disengaged and the very highest C is tuned to C#. Year is actually 1985 (I had informed Henry incorrectly in the video).

From Chris Spheeris

pic_new I have been the owner of this exquisite instrument for more than 20 years. It is hand-made in Japan by Yamaha’s top craftsmen. Since 1995, I have composed and recorded piano compositions for Eros, Dancing with the Muse, Maya, Respect (live recording with piano), From any Distance, and countless compositions. I have always loved this piano and have taken excellent care of it. And for a 30 year-young piano, it’s in great condition: clean, articulate, beautiful sound, very sweet to play, and not a scratch or a chip in the finish. The only reason i have decided to part with this beautiful instrument is that I have moved to Spain, into a smaller place that would not accommodate it. Over the years, I have played it gently and NEVER pounded on it or allowed anyone else do so. That is my style. I’m absolutely sure someone will fall in love with this piano the way i did. If delivery is arranged in March or April, I can even sign the piano with a silver or gold marker that will not affect the finish.

I only used the “player piano” mechanism a few times and was reassured by professionals that it does not affect the sound or playability. What the heck, I got to hear “Clair de Lune” a few times and did some MIDI things of my own. It probably still works, but I haven’t checked it in quite a while.

If you want to hear the beautiful tone of this piano, please listen to “Respect” available at CD Baby,, and iTunes.  You can hear the rest of my music at those sites, or if you want to check my references, please explore this website.

For more information on the piano contact Eric Zang by emailing